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Introduction to VPS Hosting

What is VPS hosting and how to use it? All details about vps will be instructed by Help Checpoint to share with you how to use in this article. Let's see it now.
VPS is inherently a server that is very familiar to web developers, web designers, webmasters, game developers, programmers, everyone knows what it is ...However, using high quality VPS hosting or Hiring a server is not as simple as using shared hosting, it requires certain knowledge and techniques, similar to managing a server (renting a private server).

What is VPS hosting?  What is the advantage?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of virtual server, a virtual server created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server, running as Share resources from that original physical server.

Each VPS hosting is a completely separate system , has its own CPU part, separate RAM capacity, separate HDD capacity, private IP address and operating system, users have full root control and can Restart the system at any time.
Please see the following article of Help Checpoint has summarized and shared knowledge.

What is VPS Hosting used for?

Today, virtual servers are widely used in both businesses and small business models. But often VPS is used for the following needs:

For game server

There are investors, game developers ( Game server ) but with a low startup capital. Meanwhile, each new, hot game usually attracts millions of visitors every day. The server system they need to have tremendous capacity and ability to handle.

Hiring instead of buying VPS is one of the best solutions for these businesses to invest in their game products before they have enough capital to build their own Data Center .
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Game server system needs a huge number of servers

Multi-service website hosting

The systems (sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic ...) also need a stable server system every day. And to be able to focus investment on its products in terms of capital.

They choose the form of renting a virtual server to save maximum investment costs for the server, management staff, location of Data Center installation ... but still have powerful server systems to use. . If you do not know please learn more about vps windows .

Platform development

Today, the development of technology on smart phones (Smart phones) or tablets, smart mobile devices is increasingly widespread.

The development of Platforms, such as operating systems and applications on the operating system, requires a centralized place to store. The common APP today that you use on your phone is one of the best examples.

These software should always have a centralized location of very diverse data types such as:


+ File Setup, software update.

+ Information of the user.

+ Transaction history.

+ Images, File storage ...

Platform requires a server to store information

And since then, the development of Platforms always requires a large source of servers. For investors, choosing to hire cheap VPS hosting is the best form of investment.
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Server for enterprise email systems

Businesses today also need resources to manage sending and receiving internal email. VPS is also a perfect form of investment, both reliable and economical.

Run media programs directly

Online media programs today also need very good storage. Although not too many, data types need to be imported and accessed continuously.

Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research

At companies specializing in investing in scientific products such as (software, applications, websites ...) They also need their own storage space for their experimental applications and products.

Building a physical server is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing the form of investment hosting through VPS hosting systems is the most economical.

Store data: documents, images, videos

Companies specializing in image processing, video are also one of the objects that need to use virtual servers most.

They use high-capacity storage systems to make reasonable investments without the use of removable storage devices, which are difficult to control or damage.

Advantages of VPS Hosting?

Our VPS systems have many advantages such as:

Cloud server can be a great solution to replace VPS

+ Easy to customize resources, as long as the limit of physical servers allowed.

+ From 1 physical server, you can create many virtual servers. Saving money on hardware investment, electricity running the server, installation space ...

+ Because many virtual servers can be concentrated on one server system. Operation checking will be easier.

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Disadvantages of VPS Hosting?

However, VPS hosting systems will also have the following disadvantages:


+ Activity is affected by the operation and stability of physical servers creating VPS.

+ The use of a shared physical server makes your virtual server dependent.

+ It takes time and money to upgrade resources and cannot expand much.

+ The operation and performance of the virtual server does not achieve the desired effect.

Is Cloud Server a perfect replacement for VPS?

Cloud Server offers more benefits than VPS thanks to the number of servers used in a cluster. If your business depends heavily on your data source, Cloud Server is the most suitable solution for you. The following are the outstanding advantages of Cloud server when compared

+ The virtual server is initialized and run on a physical server, so when the physical server fails or during peak hours, the physical server often hangs, resulting in a temporary suspension.

+ In Cloud Server, all components are backed up, and automatically replaced when damaged to ensure normal operation so your information system is always safe and ready 24/7.

+ You are not guaranteed the amount of hardware resources you pay, because other people in the same VPS hosting can use it through your resources. This does not happen with Cloud Server, you have guaranteed resources and are always available when you need it.

+ When needing to expand or shrink resources, it is necessary to upgrade the physical server to create virtual machines, it takes time and only expands a certain amount. With Cloud Server, you can freely adjust the configuration of Cloud Server at any time.

+ Virtualization from a physical server should make VPS usage and productivity not achieve as desired by users. Cloud server is formed from a virtualized infrastructure built from leading technologies of Cisco, Netapp, VMware ... ensuring the operation method, fast processing speed and maximum productivity.

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